Many Moodle users realize that their company/institution is unique. Inherently, they must also know that such uniqueness should reflect in the manner in which they utilize their Moodle accounts. Not only might they want to use the most suitable theme available to them, but they also have come to know that they must acquire the best apt plugins for maximum potential of success, as well.

But, with the fact that there are so many Moodle Plugins to choose from out there, the task of finding the right plugins for the business you are conducting, can become daunting pretty quickly. So, what can you do? Don’t worry about a thing, your friends at Moonami have got you covered. We’re here to help by narrowing it down to the top 10 Moodle plugins one can most benefit from.

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1. Mootivated/Motrain- Mobile Gamification

Useful for getting students excited about learning by integrating a prize winning system. With each task completed, a certain amount of coins can be rewarded, per the administrator’s choice, and thus exchanged for real-life prizes. Each app is specialized for individual uses. While Motrain is constructed for Corporate use, Mootivated is structured so to be utilized for Institutional.


2. IntelliBoard

Very resourceful, as it provides for its administrators analytic and reporting services. By extracting statistical data gathered across all courses and then presenting it as printable graphs, charts and analytics on one single dashboard, the given organization is better able to track the progress and overall success of teaching strategies.


3. H5P

Administrators can create, add and then even reuse useful content, all for free. With it, you get other plugins such as Interactive Video, Quizzes, Timeline and Collage. The plugin is also open source, HTML5 and Responsive.


4. Turnitin (Plagiarism Detection)

Scans for plagiarism throughout all of your quizzes, blogs, and forums to insure that your students are unable to cheat without the hassle of having to check yourself.


5. Zoom Meeting

Administrators are able to allow users to host online meetings with as many as 50 participants and, in addition to that there is the ability to make theses meetings private by setting an access password.


6. Completion Progress Bar

Acts as a time-management tool for students which shows them which activities have been completed by a color-coded system. It also allows teachers to better identify those students who are at risk.


7. Grade Me

Shows administrators all assignments submitted by students that have yet to be graded.


8. Moodle Welcome

Displays welcome message to new users when entered into the system and then notifies the administrator when a new user has been created.


9. Scheduler

Gives the teacher/administrator the ability to set up time slots, to be chosen by the students, for face to face meetings.


10. Quickmail

Gives teachers the ability to check off the students they wish to contact and email them. This is great for quick, mass emailing within a larger Moodle course! Students also have the ability to contact other’s in the course, which would be especially beneficial for group projects.


11. Checklist

Allows teachers/administrators to create a checklist for students to complete and thus monitor their progress. With the plugin, students are even able to add their own personal tasks to the list as well.


12. Game

Enables administrators to incorporate gamification into their online learning and training programs. With this plugin, you can make use of games such as hangman, crossword, Sudoku, and snakes and ladders into your questions and quizzes.


These plugins are enticing, but you can’t utilize them to the best of your ability until you find the perfect theme for your purposes. Need help picking that out? We’ve got you covered. Check out our recent blog on Moodle themes: Choosing the Moodle Theme That’s Right for You 

Tried any of these Moodle plugins out and want to share your success? 

Have any great suggestions for Moodle plugins?

Please share with us any thoughts/questions/concerns in the comments section below!

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