Once upon a time, online learning platforms seemed only suitable for the simplification of learning among educational institutions. However, in recent years, there has been a change in the air. Now, more and more of the corporate world has begun utilizing all that LMS has to offer for training purposes among employees. Luckily, for all of our corporate friends interested in giving either Moodle or Totara Learn a go, we have put together a list of plugins your business will most definitely benefit from.

In many ways, the LMS has become somewhat of a plugstrip allowing to personalize the platform  to equip trainers with the tools they need to create interactive and engaging learning experiences.

To check out a little more about these plugins, or if you have an interest in downloading them, please click on their respective titles and a link will send you to the place where you might do so.

1. Motrain

Gets trainees excited about learning by integrating a reward-system through gamification. With each task completed, a certain amount of coins can be rewarded, per the administrator’s choice, and thus exchanged for real-life prizes and opportunities.

2. Warpwire

Allows admins and users to view, capture and manage media and gives secure access to every account for the viewing  and management of  such media through defined role and group permissions.  Best thought of as a powerful and highly secure internal YouTube video management platform that can be accessed via the WYSIWYG editor.  

3. Configurable Reports 

Trainers and onboarding managers are able to configure various customized reports broken down by users, categories and timelines and allows custom SQL queries. With this plugin, administrators can assign employees to supervisors, leadership team members and even department heads and share with them the trainees enrollment data, completion data, and resource view data.

4. H5P

Administrators can create, add and then even reuse useful content, all for free. With it, you get other plugins such as Interactive Video, Quizzes, Timeline and Collage. The plugin is also open source, HTML5 and Responsive.

5. Questionnaire

Gives admins the ability to poll its users on whatever necessary, for example; training needs, goals, employee treatment. Unlike other polling applications, Questionnaire stores the information directly within your Moodle site, adding a sense of conveniency to your experience.

6. Quick Course List

Displays a search box which allows users to search through courses. In addition to finding courses faster, the plugin also allows users to sift through courses they might be interested in taking through searching by key term.

7. Level up!

Allows trainees to level up as they complete a course through the use of gamification. The Level Up! plugin also provides trainers with an overview of individual learner’s levels and sends a notification to congratulate employees on such accomplishments.

8. Completion Progress Bar

Acts as a time-management tool for students which shows them which activities have been completed by a color-coded system. It also allows teachers to better identify those students who are at risk.

All of these plugins sound interesting but haven’t yet picked out a Moodle theme for your company? Check out our blog “Choosing the Moodle Theme That’s Right For You” for a few suggestions most fitting for corporate learning.