Moonami is a rapidly growing certified US based Moodle and Totara Partner offering open LMS solutions backed with a truly open business model.  Our clients consist of Colleges, Universities, K12, Government, Non-Profit, Corporations, Hospitals, Health Organizations, Energy companies and small businesses.

When it comes to open source choices for Moodle and Totara there are many hosting options available that offer open software, but most, if not all, have closed business models.

At Moonami, we feel true open source means control over your learning platform, control when it comes to scheduling your upgrades, and control in how you want to integrate your LMS backend system.  All while maintaining FULL control over your financial arrangement.

Moonami is the ONLY LMS company that offers:

  • Full Moodle/Totara admin access
  • On-demand access to a back-up of your production data at all times
  • No pricing gimmicks, predatory contract lock-in, or auto-renew
  • ZERO proprietary components that would ever put you in a situation where you could become vendor dependent or “stuck”
  • Complimentary Moodle/Totora full trial migrations over to Moonami’s world class Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure
  • A complete end-to-end set of enterprise deployment services
  • Powerful reporting and learning analytics

Moonami offers a  no questions asked 30-day opt-out clause with no exit fees and no hassles. Should you decide that our hosting service is not right for you, or if your technology needs change, we will provide you with immediate/on-demand access to a complete backup of your site, including your Moodle code, database and the moodledata directory.


Moodle Certified Partner


For a demo, questions about pricing, or for a free Moodle trial migration contact:

John DeFonzo
HQ: 12175 Visionary Way, Suite 360
Fishers, IN. 46256