Moodle Course Building Academy Release (Show & Tell; Set 1)

Alright everyone, it’s Shalimar reporting from Moonami’s training department, and I’ve got a real doozy for ya. I just finished this great tutorial project – I think you’re going to like it. It’s a series, and we’re dropping the first installment today. Boom!

So right off the bat, I need to tell you that this training series, like me, is a little unorthodox. Sure, sure, sure… we’ve got the standard screencast tutorials, but we’ve gone a step further, and are putting you in the driver’s seat (terrible pun intended). In this series, which we’re lovingly calling the “Moonami Show & Tell Course Building Academy,” we look at the Driver’s Education Demo course that comes pre-loaded into every new Moonami account.

Let’s just pause to think about that for a second.

Do you realize what this means?! It means that as SuperUser, you have the chance to enter the Driver’s Ed course and follow along in *realtime* as the tutorial videos cover the creation of the course.

Think of the Driver’s Ed Demo as your sandbox.

It’s a complete model with assembly instructions! How cool is that?

Did I mention that it’s completely free to anyone? Not just the tutorial videos, but also the demo course. All you have to do is sign up for a free trial at




Just watch the intro…