Moonami Support during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Indianapolis, IN. March 13, 2020.

HELP! You’re not an online teacher but virtual teaching is your new reality due to the spreading of COVID-19. It’s happening in many U.S. Universities and K-12 schools right now!

You may be more prepared than you think you are! It’s safe to say that some of your lessons will need to be adapted for at home learning but you probably have access to resources that can help with this already! Check out these tools to help you think through and make a plan for this new reality:

MOODLE LMS. You have full capability to add as many new Moodle courses to your site as needed.  You also have the capability to add a virtual classroom to any course. The ability to add content and share it with others is something all courses are doing on a regular basis anyway. The ability to have students submit their work through assignments opens the door to full online learning.

GSuite for Education. If you are a Google for Education school this cloud-based computer application allows for realtime collaboration without needing to physically be together. Students can open a Google Doc, Google slide, Sheet, and Email, to communicate and collaborate with teachers and fellow students in synchronous and asynchronous options.

Video Uploads. Have students record their learning and upload it to you in video format (try Flipgrid). For instance, a math teacher can assign a video to their students to watch and then have them do a problem that shows they understand what they learned! Options like Screencastify or Quicktime allows students to record their learning via video and share it with their teacher or classmates.

Video ConferencingTeachers can lead courses via options like Big Blue Button or Zoom. These videos can also be synchronous or asynchronous in nature. Have students log in and teach as you normally would. We can help you integrate these services within your Moodle instance.

Moodle Discussion Forum. Discussion forums  can happen inside Moodle as an option to keep the classroom discussions going.

If you have to close school will the learning look like it does normally? No. You’ll have to push outside your comfort zone to turn your class online but with creativity and planning it can happen!

Let us know how Moonami can help!

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