Webinar: eCommerce for Moodle/Totara with LMSCheckout

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DATE: Wednesday, June 27th, 2018
TIME: 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

SUBJECT: LMScheckout  –  How to effectively sell your courses online within Moodle or Totara


An LMS is a great tool to develop and deliver training, but it is hardly a sales and marketing tool for promoting courses and converting shoppers into buyers. Organizations in the business of selling and marketing training, require a different set of tools to reach an external audience of prospective students. Learn how other successful marketers are using LMScheckout to market and sell their training.

E-commerce: If you sell training, then you probably need shopping carts, coupons, credit card processing and the ability to support many different sales models.

A User-friendly experience: If you implement Moodle, Totara or another LMS for your employee training, you have the luxury of being able to teach your users how to use the training system. If you are selling courses, then you need to attract visitors and easily convert them to buyers without the need for human intervention.

Multi-tenancy: If you have several brands, different departments or build bespoke training for key customers, then you probably need a simple way to create sub-accounts that can support unique theming and maintain control of a fixed audience of users.

Turn-key setup: Historically it has been expensive and time-consuming to build out a proper storefront for selling courses online. What if you could set up a free account in minutes, easily theme and configure a store where you could test all of your requirements before making any financial commitments?

In this webinar see how you can:

  • Integrate your favorite LMS to make your existing courses available for sale
  • Construct a responsive theme that supports mobile shopping
  • Build multiple live classes and link them to a single parent course
  • Use child sites to help build a multilevel distribution strategy and unique branding opportunities
  • Generate discounts and coupons to drive more sales
  • Set up a purchase for others/roster management
  • Provide individual course and site subscriptions

Learn about new features like Salesforce Integration and certificates of completion.

Join us for this event on Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 at 2:00 PM Eastern Time.

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 About Envisiontel

Envisiontel is an e-learning company specializing in educational e-commerce and cloud integration apps. We help our customers automate enrollments, manage courses and integrate educational programs with cloud platforms like Salesforce.com, and LMS platforms such as Totara, and Moodle.

To learn more go to https://www.lmscheckout.com/

About Moonami

Moonami is an official US Moodle Partner and Moodle Amazon AWS hosting organization that is currently serving over 200 institutions across Higher Ed, K12, Government, Non-Profit, Commercial, and the Private Sector.  Moonami offers a full range of services including SIS/HRIS/CRM integration, site theming, powerful analytics, content authoring, LMS training, and eCommerce/shopping cart features. The platforms have native Mobile apps for iOS and Android and are fully-responsive for anywhere anytime access to learning.

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