H5P and Moodle – A Perfect Match!

Indianapolis, IN. October 18, 2019.  Moodle HQ just announced that starting with Moodle v3.8. H5P will be available as a built-in default Activity with performance and new features to be added in upcoming releases!

Those of us at Moonami who work with clients on course design absolutely love H5P. We are thrilled with this news! H5P has really taken the open source and interactive content worlds by storm because of its simplicity in creating engaging content. It comes with over 50 interactive types which lets instructors easily enhance their Moodle courses.  The number of H5P activities keeps growing, while the tried and true ones are a staple across learning experiences and organizations.

This new Moodle Activity has all the typical H5P features including:
  • Can create and view all H5P content types
  • Supports download and upload of H5P files for sharing H5P content between websites
  • Gradebook integration
  • Copyright handling

See the video below on how H5P for Moodle works: