*BREAKING* Leaked Footage of Famous Moodlers from #MtMoot – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog topic to bring you the latest video uploads of your favorite Moodle celebrities acting like sugar-mad children.

That’s right folks, the ever-watchful Moonamites have risked it all to bring you never-before-seen footage of the Ice Blocking scandal of #MtMoot2014, wherein innocent blocks of ice are ravaged by the backsides and tum-tums of Moodlers to the delight of crazed onlookers. Warnning: the following videos contain content that is not suitable for solid states of water, grassy knolls, or haters of fun. Additionally, I suggest turning your speakers down a touch – because the person filming can’t contain herself (spoiler alert – it’s me).

Nearly everyone has been implicated in this complete frenzy of hillside fun. I’m talking about your Julian Riddens, your Michelle Moores, your Floyd Saners. Heck, we’ve even got your Rex Lorenzos, Dan Cases, Ryan Hazens, Emma Richardsons, and your Randy Thorntons.

Here we see a disgusting example of the brutality these poor ice block face, all in the supposed name of “fun.”

Inquiring minds want to know the most fashionable method of bombing (skater lingo – duh) that hill, and sources indicate that both Floyd Saner and Julian Ridden have cracked the code – it’s Superman Style.

It’s clear that the folks over at Mountain Moot are attempting to erode the longstanding tradition of calm, orderly, and utterly boring conferences, one filthy ice block at a time.  Our pledge to you, dear readers, is to remain vigilant at subsequent MtMoots to ensure no fun is had, and no more ice gets brutalized for the enjoyment of these sick and twisted hooligans.

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