Moonami+Intelliboard Demo

  Live Demo – Wednesday 11/4
@11am Eastern / 8am Pacific


Moonami Moodle & Intelliboard Analytics

Obviously, Moodle is amazing and we love it so much that we literally spend our lives improving Moodle experiences for people all over the globe – it’s kind of Moonami’s thing.

What’s not so obvious is that we are in love with the Intelliboard analytics suite.

moonami and intelliboard

Love is too weak a word for what we feel- we LUUURVE it, we loave it, we Luff it with two f’s.

Intelliboard has crafted a powerful and elegant reporting tool that allows you to collect and distribute the data you need to drive student retention, appropriate resource allotment, and effective training.

So, join Shalimar and Anatoliy for a closer look at the hottest reporting tool in Moodle.
With Moonami+Intelliboard, you can:

  • Monitor learning progress
  • View real-time reports
  • Give your CIO something to brag about
  • Behold the glory of the dashboard! ( This cannot be overstated — it’s soooo pretty)