Moodle 3.4. feature highlights & release notes

Moodle 3.4-sneak-2

All of us here at Moonami are very excited about the release of Moodle 3.4 with continued development focus on improved usability.

A few of the 3.4 features that we think you’ll love:

  1.  Drag & Drop Calendar – Calendar management including new category events- in a handy popup window
  2.  Course Management – enrolling users from a single screen
  3.  Activity Navigation
  4.  File Type Selection – Faculty and Trainers now have the ability to select the type of file their students and learners must submit
  5.  New Features to Moodle Mobile App 

Full feature highlight overview here:




moodle 3.4 new-features






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Moodle 3.4 release notes