Moodle 3.7 Just Released!

Indianapolis, IN – May 21.  The wait is over! Moodle v3.7 is now here and comes chock full of new features, enhancements to Forum, Assignments and Quiz, new Messaging interface, new Classic theme and major improvements to Learning Analytics.

What’s New in Moodle 3.7

Moodle’s official buzz: “Foster student engagement with Moodle 3.7.”  So the focus is on improved user experience and accessibility.  Does v3.7 ensure an improved user experience? Let’s look!

Forum Update




Participation in forum activities just got a lot easier. v3.7 offers new several new forum features – quick inline replies and ability to create a discussion directly from the discussions list page ensures higher levels of learner engagement, plus saves a lot of time. Improved accessibility means you can now sort discussions by number of replies and date and mark relevant discussions “Star” which helps easily find them.  Private replies allows instructors to give early private feedback in discussions.


Quiz: Clear my Choice
Quiz clear my choice






While taking a quiz did you ever change your mind? Now you can remove your choice in a multiple choice quiz question.


Assignment: Rotate submitted PDFs
rotate assignment pdf







New icons allow you to change the orientation of submitted assignments for easier grading.


Enhanced Learning Analytics





Hot Topic! Moodle is making instructors lives easier by providing insights into how their students are progressing. v3.7  expands on Moodle’s Learning Analytics by adding: the ability to create, delete, import and export Learning Analytics models, a feature to evaluate imported models using the data on your site, new predictions targets, and a new model to generate insights as reminders of upcoming activities that are due.


Moodle Messaging








v3.6  had revamped Messaging with a new user interface and group messaging. With v3.7 comes: muting of conversation notifications (super helpful when you want to focus on the learning content, and not get disturbed by incoming messages on Moodle), group messaging notifications and an email digest of new messages, a capability to allow users to delete a message for all users, a personal space where you can keep useful messages, notes and links, new site settings pages that combine all messaging related settings centrally and more!


Open Badges 2.0 

open badges






Another hot topic in e-Learning, gamification plays a crucial role in the performance and motivation of  students.  Teachers can now award students badges based on competencies. With v3.7 onwards, you can connect your Moodle site with the backpack ensuring that learners can carry their digital credentials with them.


New Classic Theme
Classic theme






v3.7 introduces the Classic theme as a replacement for Clean.  For those sites using a Clean-based theme and want the 3 column layout and traditional navigation block. See theme documentation.


Want to learn more?

See Moodle’s v3.7 video, or go to the Moodle 3.7 New Features page. Interested in the technical nitty gritty? Check out the Moodle 3.7 Release Notes page!

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Post by Kelly Dempsey – Moonami LMS Solutions Architect