Moodle – It Feels Good…Show & Tell Continued! (Set 3)

We’re officially in full swing. I hope you’re feeling a growing sense of accomplishment, because you are getting things done. Yes, you understand the basics of course settings, books, and glossaries. Yeah, you can change the design of your course without contacting the help desk, or relying on that nice/pushy tech-savvy student who takes just a little too much pride from a role reversal when s/he shows you some new email trick.

You’re coming into your own as a Moodle powerhouse, and you have to admit… it feels good.

Sure, some might accuse you of overachieving, but that’s just the jealousy talking. After today’s lessons, they’ll all be eating crow

Round 1 – Forums. Forums are… well they’re just amazing. I know I am a fan of most Moodle features, but real talk – Forums are the backbone of Moodle functionality. So versatile. So collaborative. So right. Some people count sheep to fall asleep… I think about all the potential uses for the forum module. I’m like Bubba in Forest Gump, rambling about shrimp… only it’s forums. Yeah, I might need help.



Round 2 – Labels. Ahhhhh, labels… the unsung heroes of any aesthetically pleasing course space. This video is short, but the implications will follow you for hours. You can completely revolutionize your course with labels – I’m not exaggerating. Check it out…


Round 3 – Resources. By now in the series, you should be feeling pretty adept at adding resources. if you’ve seen one “add a ___” form page, you’ve pretty much seen them all. That’s why this video is a kind of catch-all for the remaining resources and activities in the course. I’m less focused on the process getting them added, and more focused on what their function is. To be fair, this video is a touch on the long side… if you’re feeling confident in your skills so far, AND are committed to exploring the settings of the remaining activities and resources yourself, then I hereby grant confer upon you the option to opt out of this video.

For everyone else – watch it or you’ll be sorry.