Moodle US is Coming!

Moodle US

Indianapolis, IN

Moodle is pleased to announce that it will be acquiring three US-based Moodle Partner companies: My Learning Consultants, Moonami Learning Solutions and Elearning Experts, and merging them into a single new services company called Moodle US. Due diligence is currently underway and the deals are expected to conclude by June 2021.

The acquisition and merger of these three respected Moodle partners into one Moodle US company represents the first time clients will be able to access a comprehensive range of services direct from Moodle itself.

Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas says, “These acquisitions are all about serving our customers more effectively. We are bringing the most experienced Moodle experts and technology together to create the best possible Moodle services for educators and organisations in the US. Customers have been asking us for this for a long time, so we are very enthusiastic about what this will mean for existing customers in the US and new customers looking for an expert level of support and the latest technologies around Moodle solutions.

“Since 2005, our growing network of partners have been delivering a range of services from training to hosting, customisation and implementation of the Moodle platform, under their own brands and infrastructure. These acquisitions allow us to build a larger and more cohesive offering for our customers in the US. It will also improve how we can support larger clients through better coordination of our global capacity, experience and resources. I’m thrilled we can make this happen – it’s a great step forward for Moodle!”

The merger will provide Moodle customers in North America access to a wide pool of expertise in designing and implementing Moodle-based solutions. The full teams and leadership of My Learning Consultants, Moonami Learning Solutions and Elearning Experts will be retained under Moodle US, augmented with new staff in the coming year.