The Five Types of Moodleholic: A guide

Moodle nerds (don’t deny it – we’re nerds) come in all shapes, ages, and colors — but just like any subculture, there are some general archetypes within the community. So whether you’re new to the scene or an old pro, having our guide at your next Moodle gathering… or even while you’re browsing #Moodle tweets… should help identify (and tag)  the zany characters you might encounter.

Here goes, in no particular order…

5. The Begrudging Instructor —

We’ve all met this one — annoyed by the idea of having to learn anything new (all irony is lost on The Begrudging Instructor, BTW) on the computer esp. cause “it’s so inauthentic.” Luckily, this instructor is hip enough to student movements that they “really really want to get their course content to be totes accessible” so they make like infinity appointments with anyone who offers to impart knowledge. And when each of  the bagillions of appointments come, they can be found looking mostly at their notebook (the paper kind) because they’re taking notes. Fun Fact — the evolved form of The Begrudging Instructor is “The Campus Moodle  Hot Shot” (and for those of you who might be worried about my use of “evolved form” just there – fear not, it’s a Pokemon reference).

4.  The Campus Moodle Hotshot—

This is what the Begrudging Instructor can become after the infinity training sessions. Conversely, the CMHS can be born seemingly spontaneously out of a normal instructor (or IT staff) who is instantly taken by the raw appeal of Moodle’s instructional prowess. Clearly, a lot of Moodleholics fall into this category — and we <3 that!
Fun facts about the CMHS — This class of Moodleholic can morph/evolve into other forms of Moodleholics, seemingly at will. These folks turn into Moodle Celebs ::coughJulianRiddencough:: and Particularly Helpful Moodlers.  The CMHS is prone to flights of fancy due to solidly held belief that Moodle is capable of  *literally* anything. P.S. I heard that Moodle 3.0 can actually earn you your education PhD and create course content through telepathy and ritual magic.

3. The Programmer —

Ahhhh, programmers. Here’s the thing – we know they’ve got the world by the shorts… they know they’ve got the world by the shorts. What can I even say here without potentially incurring the wrath of the most l33t Moodleholic class out there? The answer is …
Programmers are amazing. I love them. I will not say unkind words about them, even in jest. Smile Pretty. Curtsy. Back away slowly.

2. The Particularly Helpful Moodler —

These angelic people are the reason Moodle is still going strong. They give their time to noobs (and pros) with half-formed questions and crappy attitudes… the care and patience they demonstrate should be a lesson to us all! I literally cannot think of one biting remark with which to poke fun at this class of Moodleholic.

Gun to the head though, I might bring up the occasional lag in getting a reply from one… but I kinda want to slap myself for even mentioning it. These people deserve your praise, adoration, tips… and care packages at the holidays.

1. The Open-Source Revolutionary—

This Moodleholic is dedicated to anything that brings learning opportunity to the masses. They eschew the shackles of traditional LMSs, and actively seek the free alternative to all eLearning monoliths. They’re definitely nursing a pet project — likely related to some form of dance, eastern medicine practice, or other similarly crunchy hippie movement. In fact, using the word “movement” in their presence has the same effect as saying the word “treat” to my overweight puggle (pug/beagle mix)  –  which is to say that their ears perk up and their tails wag involuntarily… it’s so adorable how they just can’t help themselves sometimes.


Did I leave one out? Comment below with other Moodleholic types, and I’ll write em up one of these afternoons!

Also, and I hope this goes without saying , this article is intended for entertainment only. A sense of humor is a must. I LOVE MOODLERS, OBVI.