Moonami partners up with eLearning Innovation

Webinar Achieving Retention Insights via Data driven Helpdesk

Indianapolis, IN—May 10, 2019.

Moonami and eLearning Innovation Partner to Offer End User Support that promotes Learner Success and Retention With Actionable Data

What is one enrolled learner worth to your organization? What if you knew where your enrolled learners were struggling in your online course…and could make corrective actions?  In the last 365 days, 40% of eLearning Innovation’s Helpdesk tickets were issues that could have impacted retention. Over 80% of those were resolved by our team with only one touch.  Average ticket close time was less than 30 minutes and nearly 30% of those tickets occurred either after hours or on the weekend.

How are you protecting the investment you have made in your online offering to ensure learners persist?


Webinar Summary
The webinar will explore how many institutions either don’t have a dedicated support function onsite or aren’t set up to capture the actionable data that can proactively be used to make a difference to both learners and instructors.

If your helpdesk is really just focused on fixing “IT glitches in the system,” you may be missing a very important opportunity to ensure a greater learner experience. The key is capturing the needed data, and identifying trends to proactively create an optimized experience for learners and instructors. Do you have insight into what might be standing in your learners’ way?

By attending this webinar, you can expect to learn more about:

● Ticket categorization and sample resolved tickets

● Creative ways to escalate and intervene

● Signs and signals that tell you it’s time to bolster training on the platform itself or focus on UX

● The impact of good learning design and foundational frameworks

● A general overview of how Moonami and eLearning Innovation are joining forces to improve your learners’ retention and success

● A tool to help you understand the financial impact of the trends in the data for your own institution.

If our services can save one learner from leaving your program, what’s it worth?

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Moonami Learning Solutions
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Laurie Pulido
CEO at eLearning Innovation
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