Moonami Partners with Mootivation Technologies to deliver Moodle and Totara Gamification

Indianapolis, IN—February 23, 2017— Moonami Partners with Mootivation Technologies to Bring Gamification toMoodle™ and Totara™ platforms.

Mootivation Technologies provides personalized persuasive design solutions that seemlessly integrate with Moodle™ and Totara™ through the integration of a simple plugin, mobile app, or web dashboard. By creating a unique reward system for each site that includes real items or opportunities, Mootivation’s goal is to foster mastery, improve course completion rates, and to engage learners in a timely manner.

Moonami Learning Solutions, a certifiedMoodle™ and Totara™, and Amazon AWS partner has been disrupting the LMS space by offering cost-effective enterprise open learning solutions that are backed by a completely open business model.  Moonami is currently serving over 200 clients across industries verticals including Higher Ed, K12, Government, Healthcare, Nonprofit, and Corporate Training.

Moonami helps its clients maximize the success of open learning platforms like Moodle™ and Totara™ with a full range of services including integrations to external systems such as SIS, ERP, SalesForce, SSO, and eCommerce registration systems. Moonami provides complimentary Moodle™ migration services, customMoodle™ theming, and a tailored onboarding program to ensure clients have the very best experience possible with their LMS deployment.

Moonami’s business model is unique in that all Moonami clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their mission-critical Moodle™ and Totara™ platform is hosted on the world-leading secure AWS cloud infrastructure with on-demand access for clients production data at all times, and a “no questions asked”, “lock-in free” cloud hosting/support agreement.

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John DeFonzo
Moonami Learning Solutions
Director of Client Relations

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