More Free Moodle Training – Show & Tell Series – Set 2

Hey Everyone, Shalimar here.

Full disclosure – I’m choosing to believe that it’s my quirky charm and award-winning smile that brought you back for round two of Moonami’s Show & Tell Moodle Course Building Academy.

But just in case you’re also interested in content, I’m going to give you a rundown of this next set of tutorials. As your syllabus indicates (the syllabus can be found in the Driver’s Ed Demo course), tutorial set 2 includes three videos… so consider strapping in.

First up in this set is Course Settings. This video is going to cover the settings particular to the Driver’s Ed course. While the default settings for a new course are completely fine and workable, I like to add a little flair to even the most basic of courses. So if you’re like me you’ll want to catch this video. Also, since course settings impact not only the look and feel of the course, but also the availability of certain major (notice I’m not naming names here) features, I’m definitely recommending watching this video.


Next, I’m presenting books. Books have caught some heat over the years for being boring. Nevermind the naysayers, here’s the deal with Moodle books… like most things in Moodle, their main limitation is the imagination in the creation station, if you catch my drift.

In all seriousness, books are awesome. I’m tempted to channel some Levar Burton and tell you that “you don’t have to take my word for it,” but you actually should take my word for it.


Still with me? Great! Because next up are Glossaries. We’re officially deep into Course creation, because glossaries are some next-level business. Not only can you give your students a hand by defining some obscure/challenging words in your course, but you can have them help each other by allowing (or requiring) them to make their own entries. Defining words, concepts, or even making an alphabetized encyclopedia surrounding a particular topic! Glossaries are just lovely… and a fun experiment in teaching. No two classes have the same culture, and from term to term, glossaries will take so many shapes – the teaching nerd in me *loves* how glossaries evolve.