Say Good-Bye to Flash, Hello to HTML5!

Indianapolis, IN – June 20, 2019.

flash_7656756345Adobe Flash Player, once the most popular browser plugin is being phased out and Adobe will officially cease supporting it by 2020.  We are already seeing most browsers disabling Flash Player support (June, 2019). What does this mean for Moodle or Totara users?  Don’t Panic… You can easily determine if your content uses Flash.


Flash Replacement?  HTML5


Using interactive learning is very effective, and Flash was the go-to platform for a long time. Now there are better choices, such as HTML5.  As a matter of fact you’ll love the free and easy-to-use H5P plugin that has tons of interactive activities that work seamlessly in Moodle.

How about interactive video content? Say hello to VideoJS, the new default media player in Moodle.

Want to learn more?  Check out the quick H5P tutorial video  and VideoJS.

Using SCORM?

If you’re using SCORM content, the same holds true: HTML5 is the way to go as it can launch SCORM courses in a browser, just like Flash, and works on most devices. We advise you to contact your SCORM content provider to advise on how to do the conversion.

Need Help? Contact Us!

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