Springing Forward and…

Finally, the snow and cold are headed back to dark and evil place from whence they came, and we here in North America are beginning to feel the first sprouts of spring.
~It’s pretty much the best feeling~

In the spirit of new beginnings, we have decided to shake things up around the Moonami offices and bring in some fresh faces. Don’t worry – the old worn and leathery faces of your favorite (notably John and myself)  Moonamites are still around. Only now we’ve been infused with the zeal only a new Moodler or two can muster. We’re going to be phasing in a few new Moonami support specialists over the next few months.

Our first noob is Mary. Mary is a real pip. She’s new to Moodle, and as such will be undergoing a lot of training – which is perfect, because she’s going to be blogging about her experiences as she goes. Our hope is that  in watching Mary’s journey from noob to expert will empower other noobs. Look for her first post soon, and don’t hesitate to reach out to her or any other member of the team if you want to take a more active role in her learning process (yay camaraderie!)
Y’all are going to love her, seriously.

In other news, we recently read an article that really resonated with the team. You can check it out here. The article, which comes from EdTech Times forecasts the future of edtech, and let me tell you – the future looks bright. Luckily, the Moonamites all sport shades, so we won’t be squinting. Apparently, trends and opinion are favoring open-source solutions, and smaller providers…
Let me repeat that –
Open Source Solutions (uhhhh, Moodle anyone?)

Smaller providers (uhhhh, le duh – Moonami, y’all!)

I mean, I’ve been saying it since the start… but just in case you missed it – MOONAMI IS AWESOME, Y’ALL.
Seriously – even if I didn’t work here, I’d be a major fan.