Stop What You’re Doing & Behold The Glory of Moodle 2.8

Julie Andrews in a meadow being super happy before the Nazi's ruin everything for her.

This is me right now: Julie Andrews on a hillside basking in the splendor of her environs. Only it’s not a mountain meadow I’m whirling around in… it’s the Moodle 2.8 gradebook.

What is this sorcery that has bewildered my senses with it’s fragrant, piney, new car, baby’s head intoxicant?

Could it be, that in the 6 years since the gradebook was rewritten into the “categories and items” style, my senses have dulled — become desensitized to the tiny innovations, hacks, and workarounds each release brings?

I stand before you a Moodler with renewed sense of… more than just smell… but renewed intensity. Like this eagle…

A bald eagle staring at the camera with all the intensity America can muster... which is a lot.

Seriously you guys, I have been scrolling side to side for 10 minutes, just watching the names stay exactly where I need them, while the grader report itself utilizes the ENTIRE SCREEN. You might take this as a sign of early-onset senility, but I assure you this is good, old-fashioned bewilderment… for the grader report is so easy… so elegant.

Ron Swanson being giddy.

And OMG dawg, this new feature called “Single View” – it allows you to enter grades for a single assignment at a time. Just take a look…

screenshot from Moodle gradebook single view page

See how you can override grades here and – OMG – scales are working perfectly (always a small miracle), and you can insert “0” for empty grades so that the gradebook won’t look over all the students who just downright didn’t do the homework. AAAIIIIEEEEEE!!! This is soooooo cool!

Spongebob with a handmade rainbow and the words

OK, Shalimar, Breathe.

Do you want to know the best part, dear reader?
The folks at Moonami are just waiting to upgrade your site to moodle version 2.8.
It usually only takes a few minutes.
You are literally a few minutes away from being Julie Andrews

Or that eagle.

Or Ron Swanson, in happy state.


If you’re already a Moonami customer, just drop a little note to telling us that you’re ready to party 2.8 style, and we will take it from there!

If you’re not already a Moonami customer, climb out from under that rock, sign up for a free trial, and then email us to let us know you’re looking for that 2.8 gradebook bliss.