The New Moonami Support Portal

Hello Friends,

There’s a new Moonami Help & Community hub, and we’re confident it’s going to streamline ticket support for all our clients – big and small! Getting there is a snap. Let’s take a look…

First, go to and click the “Help & Community” tab…


That brings us to the Community Hub, where you can access out Knowledge Base, Community Forums, and FAQs. Here. we can also see…



1. “Login” – Use this tab to log into your support portal home page. Here you can view your tickets, track their status, and in some cases view other open tickets associated with your Moodle (submitted by your Colleagues). If it’s your first time accessing the Portal, you may need to “Sign Up.”


2. “Submit a Request” – Use this button to submit a ticket quickly, without logging in. Our support team will see it instantly, and respond with our typical prompt service.



Once you have created an account on the system, the look of the help portal changes a bit. Now, instead of the “login” tab, you can see the “tickets” tab and “edit profile” tab.





Clicking on the “Tickets” tab will take you to view the list of tickets you (and sometimes other teammates) have submitted. It looks like this…




Of course, you can also submit a ticket by emailing or by tweeting @moonamihq using the word “help” or “support” in your tweet!

WARNING: If you are in the habit of emailing “” you will need to make a change ASAP. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to stop in and chat with us!