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Webinar: Moonami & Intelliboard partner for Moodle Analytics

Indianapolis, IN—August 7, 2019. Please join us on Wednesday, September 11th at 2:30PM ET for a joint session on IntelliBoard, the premier comprehensive reporting and analytics tool for your Moodle LMS. With IntelliBoard, your organization can easily provide the right data > at the right time > to the right people — giving your organization the ability to […]

Your Own Branded Moodle App

80% of adults worldwide own a smartphone, and mobile traffic is increasing. Adoption of mobile devices to easily access the internet has transformed everything – including learning. Moodle’s mobile app has exploded in popularity. Students and faculty are finding it’s an easy and quick way for them to engage with Moodle content with a tap of a screen. With your institution’s name […]

Moonami Offering Moodle Educator Certification Program

Indianapolis, IN. – June 25, 2019 Moonami is excited to offer the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program developed by Moodle HQ.  The MEC program certifies mastery in building effective teaching and learning activities with Moodle. It extends the foundational skills received via Moonami’s own training offerings. Designed for higher ed faculty, K-12 teachers, corporate instructors, and trainers, this program […]

Say Good-Bye to Flash, Hello to HTML5!

Indianapolis, IN – June 20, 2019. Adobe Flash Player, once the most popular browser plugin is being phased out and Adobe will officially cease supporting it by 2020.  We are already seeing most browsers disabling Flash Player support (June, 2019). What does this mean for Moodle or Totara users?  Don’t Panic… You can easily determine if your content uses […]

Keys to Picking a Great Moodle Theme

Indianapolis, IN—June 19, 2019—The theme is the foundation for offering the best user-experience for any eLearning site. Choosing the right theme for your Moodle LMS plays a critical role in the success of your learners. So, what’s involved? Here are some tips to help you pick the best theme for Moodle. We’ve based these on our process of recommending a theme […]

New Google Course Kit and Moodle

Indianapolis, IN – May 21. Students have long taken advantage of access to Google Suite for completing course work. Assignments done in G Suite could not be easily uploaded to Moodle…until now. Google’s new plug-in for Moodle makes the submission of assignments from G Suite a piece of cake. The plug-in allows students to turn in G Suite files through Moodle, then […]

Mountain Moot 2019 – Here We Come!

    Moonami will be attending Mountain Moot 2019, one of the top Moots in the US. Held every summer in the mountains of Helena, Montana at Carroll College. July 17-19 are the dates and the agenda looks to be shaping up nicely: hands-on EdTech sessions in Carroll’s innovative sandbox classrooms, custom plug-in development support, course […]