Educause 2019 Takeaways

The largest gathering of higher ed IT professionals and vendors just met in the Windy City to connect and share ideas. Here’s what EDUCAUSE says is on the horizon and how Moonami can help.

John DeFonzo and Kelly DempseyIndianapolis, IN. October 17, 2019. This week several members of the Moonami team were honored to join more than 6,000 higher education professionals and technology vendors in Chicago at EDUCAUSE 2019. Many of the sessions and themes focused on meeting the ever-changing needs of institutions. They included evolving infrastructure and enterprise IT, applying online/blended learning to lower tuition costs while meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse student body, and managing and reducing information technology risk. These sessions mirrored the top IT issues that EDUCAUSE reports universities face in 2019. Many of these are ongoing and require commitment from the entire institution—to solve:

EDUCAUSE 2019 Top 10 Issues*

  1. Information security strategy
  2. Student success
  3. Privacy
  4. Student-centered institution
  5. Digital integrations
  6. Data-enabled institutions
  7. Sustainable funding
  8. Data management and governance
  9. Integrative CIO
  10.  Higher education affordability

We think it’s vital for all institutions to seek new efficiencies to meet the constant change technology brings. Moonami can help to set up colleges and universities for success by lowering costs, improving eLearning delivery and support, thereby reducing risks across campus.

Learn how we can help your school tackle its unique eLearning hosting and support issues and map out a strategy for transformation.