Moonami Offers Course Design Review Service

Do you want to evaluate the effectiveness and identify areas of improvement for your Moodle courses?

A key aspect of successful eLearning programs is the quality of the courses themselves. Moonami offers clients a course design review using a rubric for evaluating and improving the instructional design and accessibility of your eLearning courses. This is a great opportunity to work with our instructional designers to review and improve the quality of your eLearning courses. 

With 50 instructional design and accessibility standards integrated into the rubric, it can be used to identify and target aspects of online courses for improvement.  The rubric includes the following categories: Course Overview and Information, Course Technology and Tools, Design and Layout, Content and Activities, Interaction, Assessment and Feedback.

Finding the time and expertise to do this important work can be difficult. Let the instructional design experts at Moonami help you.

  • Moonami’s experts complete the initial design review using a rubric
  • Moonami’s experts partner with your university/organization to identify action items for continuous improvement based on the results
  • Your university/organization implements recommendations to improve the quality of your eLearning course(s)

These results provide key information that allows for targeted improvements, thus improving the quality and efficacy of your eLearning courses. Want to know how this works? Read More.

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