Course Design Review Details

How it Works:

  1. Moonami’s experts start with a kick-off call to your university/k-12/organization. We will talk to key faculty/staff and Moodle Site Admin to understand the current state of your eLearning environment and your end goals for the review.
  2. Moonami experts will complete the initial design review using a rubric.
  3. Based on the information gathered, Moonami’s experts will complete a Scorecard based on best practice indicators to provide an evaluation of your eLearning course.
  4. You will receive the Scorecard that describes the current state of your eLearning course and provides recommendations for improvements.

Build or Sustain Your Digital Learning Program With A Comprehensive Review

You can use your Scorecard results to show evidence of continuous improvement. With the Scorecard, your stakeholders can take a comprehensive look at the key areas that contribute to the success of your eLearning program:

  • Faculty Support
  • Institutional Support
  • Technology Support
  • Course Development/ Instructional Design
  • Course Structure
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student Engagement
  • Assessment

Moonami’s Design Review is Your Roadmap to Success

It is designed to support your unique goals whether you are:

  • Beginning your eLearning program
  • Growing your eLearning program
  • Validating your successes
  • Benchmarking against best practices

Course Design Review Sign-Up Form

  • Each complete course review includes a Pre-Review Kick-off call, Course Scorecard and Post-Review call. Cost per course. $225.00. Bulk discount offered for 4+ courses.
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For more information please contact Moonami’s Design Review Specialist, Dr. Daniel Starr