Moonami's Covid-19 Response

Staying Connected Amid Coronavirus Concerns: The need to quickly transition to Online Learning

As institutions across the country rush to shift to virtual environments, Moonami is here to help. To meet this need, we are ramping up our support to help clients who urgently need to move to an online platform. Our AWS infrastructure is incredibly scalable and set up to support situations like this. As an AWS shop our infrastructure automatically scales to support major usage spikes.

Our core business values in place since we began 6 years ago.
1.) 100% contract-free policy:  Because of this crisis, institutions are having to make quick technology buying decisions.  This can be very dangerous, and our unique contract-free policy eliminates all risks associated with the concern of getting into a bad contract – we simply don’t have them.
2.) Complimentary Moodle Migration:  Our complimentary Moodle migration is what we have always offered as a way to help institutions quickly move from self-hosted or vendor-hosted Moodle environments with no cost or agreements in place.
3.) Data Ownership: All our clients have on-demand access and complete ownership of their Moodle site at all times.

Need to move to a fully online environment?
Utilize WebConferencing in your Moodle site to facilitate polling, video chat, white-boarding, break-out rooms, etc.  Here are some popular plugins for Moodle:

Also, download the free Moodle Mobile app to browse course content, even offline. Receive instant notifications of messages and other events. Find and contact other people in your courses. Upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device.

Moodle discussion forums are an excellent way to promote collaboration and group work.

Use Amanote to create interactive courses – a standard Moodle Plugin. We give Amanote for free for 2 months. In particular, we believe that the Amanote Podcast Creator is very useful for online course creation. The audio will be synchronized with the slides and it is better for a student to study on this format.  See Amanote Plugin
Tutorial on Online Course Creation.

Use H5P to create interactive content. If need any of these plugins installed, please contact If you need to get some courses up quickly, look for Open Educational Resources like those found here at We are glad to be a small part of a solution during these very uncertain times.
Please contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and the solutions we can offer you.


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