Totara 11 is here. Check out the release notes

We are excited to announce the release of Totara Learn 11!

The focus of this special major release is to help organizations operating within the EU to comply with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on 25th May 2018. To give you and your customers time to meet the deadline, we have released Totara Learn 11 ahead of our usual annual release timeframe.

The new features and functionality in Totara Learn 11 supporting GDPR compliance:

  • Site policies: A new tool to manage site policies and obtain end-user consent. Makes it easy for end users to understand what their data will be used for, who will have access to it, and provide consent to site policies regarding the usage of their personal data.
  • User data management: A new module to configure the export and purge of user data, an API that carries out the configuration to modules and plugins, and API coverage of over half the Totara Learn modules and plugins that store user data. The next few minor releases of version 11 will cover the remaining core modules and plugins.

Other key new features and improvements in Totara Learn 11 include:

  • Course activities and resources: Conditional access based on audience, organization, position, or language. This key improvement adds to our support for multi-tenancy.
  • Featured link block: Your creative teams can now create more visually compelling blocks to encourage users to navigate major areas of content. New tiles types for programs and certifications. Background images can now either fill or fit tiles. Tile shapes (square, portrait, landscape, or full width).
  • Scheduled reports: Several key improvements. A new report source provides details about existing scheduled reports, their frequencies, and recipients. Admins can now set the minimum frequency that scheduled reports can be run (options: minute, hour, day, week, and month). A new capability determines if a user can see the scheduled reports section on the Reports page. Also, report viewers can now send scheduled reports to themselves, and admins can determine which reports allow this.
  • Persistent login: No more logging in many times a day to stay on logged in. Users can now remain logged into Totara Learn indefinitely when selecting ‘Remember me’.

Check out the release notes for a complete listing of the new features and improvements included in Totara Learn 11. Also, explore the Totara Learn 11 help documentation for detailed end-user guides to the new functionality. In particular:

With the Totara Learn 11 out, there is a new development horizon and updated Totara Learn’s roadmap here with the plan. Totara Learn 12 is coming in September.