Webinar: Moonami & Motrain Partner for Gamification in Moodle/Totara

E-mazing Gamification with MOTRAIN for Your Corporate Learning!



DATE: Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

TIME: 2:30 pm EDT 


DETAILSMotrain is a personalized gamification plugin and mobile app platform for Moodle/Workplace/Totara, provided by Mootivation Technologies, which creates a unique system, customizable for each group of learners, that rewards such learners with real items and/or opportunities. The company’s goal is to increase course enrollments, skyrocket course completion rates, and build a community of loyal learners.  Below, you will find a more specified overview of the Motrain platform.






Motrain Explainer Video:

Motrain Mobile App Video:


  • Users earn virtual coins for completing activities and courses. The coins are sent to the block/mobile app.
  • Users can spend their coins in the Store on items or opportunities you offer.
  • List anything in the Store for users to buy, or place coveted items in a raffle draw or auction.
  • Control the block/app through the web dashboard.
  • Redeem items through notifications, QR code scans in the mobile app, or send items in the mail with the shipping integration.
  • Have lots of learners or want to train employees and customers all under the same LMS roof?  No problem. Create sections, each with their own unique Motrain platform.


  • Motrain’s most active client has increased customer enrollments x6 (from 375 to 2400) and course completions x15 (2000 to over 29,000) in ONE THIRD of the time of their previous customer training initiative (3 months vs. 10 months).
  • Allows you to bring in your marketing team (and budget) to help promote and run your Store.
  • Prevent reward fatigue and indifference as the reward possibilities are endless:  
  • For Corporate: Company swag, additional time off, charity donations, yoga sessions, first choice in holiday scheduling, lunch at the local bistro, registration for a conference.
  • whatever engages your users!  Even ask your learners for their input on Store items.
  • Enhance learner motivation and engagement, improve the timeliness of learning, and improve course completion rates.
  • Provide users a choice as to how they spend their earned virtual coins.
  • Customize how and why coins are collected.
  • Award coins to users in the dashboard manually, for any reason whatsoever!
  • The user’s wallet is displayed as a block in Moodle/Moodle Workplace/Totara.
  • Tailor the Store items specifically for each section. For example, if your company trains employees and customers, you can create two different unique Stores catering to each cohort of learners.

Want to learn more about what the Motrain application has to offer before signing up for our webinar? Check out the Motrain website.

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Motrain-Moonami Webinar 2/18

Tuesday 2/18/2020 at 2:30 pm ET

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