Enterprise Amazon AWS LMS Hosting


When you decide to outsource a critical piece of your IT infrastructure to a commercial hosting vendor, do so knowing that you will have on-demand access to your production data at all times and that the vendor has a rock-solid business continuity policy in place.

Moonami’s Enterprise LMS Hosting for solution provides best-practice architecture, deep monitoring, proactive management and world class support for your Moodle environment. We combine the rich functionality and features of Amazon Web Services’ cloud infrastructure with Moonami’s experience and track record managing Moodle.

Customers running Moodle environments on Moonami’s AWS infrastructure include Stratford University, US Department of Homeland Security, The United Nations, Chatham University, Andrews University, Harvard Macy Institute, Lubbock Christian University, Terminix INC, and several more.

Client Moodle sites are provisioned on Amazon’s AWS US EAST FedRamp compliant high-performance, multi-tier fault tolerant, auto-scaling cloud hosting architecture.   Each site is deployed with its own partitioned data directory and privately credentialed database.   All sites are served on Moonami’s high-availability web host infrastructure, completely managed and monitored by Moonami’s Cloud Support Engineers 24x7x365.

  • Full system snapshots every hour, 24/7/365fedramp-logo-sized
  • Snapshots stored on Amazon S3
  • Midnight snapshots are stored for 90 days
  • Weekly (Sunday night) snapshots are stored for 1 year
  • Full recovery of client site in 4 hours or less
  • Massive amounts of storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Course restore

Benefits of Enterprise LMS Hosting

  • Performance: Blistering performance to keep learners and faculty engaged
  • Scalability: Start small & grow with demand
  • Monitoring: Customized deep monitoring, alerting and reporting for hosts & services
  • Management: Proactive, world-class management and support for AWS, apps and database
  • Security: Hardened Moodle environment across the platform stack
  • Availability: Highly Availability architecture load balanced cross two availability zones
  • Deployment: Standard deployment methodology to deliver best practice architecture
  • Proven: Strong track record managing and supporting Moodle and Totara