Is Moodle Workplace right for Academic Institutions?

In 2019 Moodle HQ extended the functionality of core Moodle in order to meet the needs of more organizations. The result is Moodle Workplace (MWP) – available now through Moonami. Core Moodle will be available and supported as always, and will continue to be improved, but this new offering is making news! What does it look like for both academic institutions and corporate organizations?


New functionality

Moodle Workplace provides new functionality for our corporate as well academic clients. These uses include staff training, onboarding, and compliance. According to John Porten, CEO of Moonami, MWP is like a layer of extra functionality on top of core Moodle.

Moodle Workplace offers the following features:

  • Create and deliver training and onboarding processes
  • Share knowledge across an organization and develop specific skill sets
  • Give employees the flexibility of accessing the training system from anywhere on any device
  • Customize the LMS to reflect and strengthen the user’s company processes and structure
  • Maximize learning and development strategy

At Moonami we feel as though MWP is ideal to support building staff training and compliance programs, creating training pathways for staff by aligning courses and content into “Programs,” and creating “Certifications” based on those programs with an expiration date. Workplace makes it easy to manage and delegate the oversight of these initiatives to “Managers.”

The feature our clients are most excited about is “Multi-tenancy.” This allows each division, department, or franchise to have its own full LMS. It allows for automation of workflow and reporting that integrate with existing systems.  It comes with a dashboard and mobile app, certification tracking, and report builder.

Moonami will be present at the Learning Solutions Conference 2020 March 31-April 2 as an exhibitor, and will be offering a demo of the Moodle Workplace products there.

Although academic institutions are often thought of as the primary users of Moodle, government, healthcare, and non-profit associations are an important part of our core Moodle customer base. In recent months, both corporate and academic clients have adopted Moodle Workplace for their compliance training and professional development.

If you are interested in learning more about Moodle Workplace please contact us.

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