The impact of Covid-19 on online learning

In the wake of Covid-19, there has been a huge change in how Moodle is being used. Have you ever wondered how many students are learning on Moodle platforms worldwide? Or how many forum posts exist on learning environments built on Moodle?

statsTake a look at the Moodle Statistics which gives you the latest numbers from registered Moodle sites. Right now, worldwide there are:

Since COVID-19 hit, there has been a huge shift in the way people teach, learn and work

Access to online learning is now more important than ever, as we witness the dramatic changes in how Moodle is being used around the world, including the way we use technology to communicate.

We’ve been observing Moodle activity and the numbers have been through the roof. Moodle created the infographic below to show how the software built with you, the community, is enabling people to teach and learn worldwide.

Schools, universities & educational institutions are making the jump to creating online learning environments

Around 50,000 new Moodle sites have been registered since March 2020



Instructors and administrators are gearing up to deal with moving to elearning

18,104 participants have been trained in Moodle Admin Basics, of which 14,174 first accessed it when lockdowns starting taking place.

The importance of understanding how to teach online is clearer

Learn Moodle Basics for teachers re-launched in March to run continuously during this challenging time and since then, 4263 educators have joined.


The need for mobile learning has increased as more students learn from home

There were 4,504,000 active devices on the Moodle App in the last month, vs 1,305,000 this time last year.

Our community is more active than ever

15 million more new activities are being created on registered Moodle sites in the last month, compared to the previous month.

Moodlers are reaching out to each other and collaborating in our Community Forums, with an average of 2,200 new posts per week in March and April.


The demand for online learning environments is on the rise

Moodle Cloud has 1.67 million new learners now vs 453,000 last year.


The Moodle community continues to support educators new to online teaching. Here’s some handy tips for first time remote educators.