Moodle, Beer, Poetry – Show & Tell Continued (Set 4)

Alright. Okay. It’s quiz time…we are *officially* in quizlandia. To commemorate this blessed event, I’ve written you a little poem…

A Moodley Brew?

By Shalimar & Dedicated to viewers of the series, naturally.

Forgive my silly little show of admiration,

It’s just so recently you learned the basic navigation

and now you sit verging on Moodle domination!

You are Moodler. Hear you roar!

Bedazzle the forums, wiki some more!

So, on and ever onward toward mastery you scheme.

And in so doing come upon the slightest twist in theme…

The best drinks around come with a vibrant hoppy fizz


A real Moodle Whiz works with questions *before* the quiz!


For the record, I haven’t written a poem since freshman year at university, sooooo… that was pretty cool of me. I hope you can feel the love. If not, start this next video on Quiz Creation and feel the warmth radiating from my voice…



This next video gives you a look inside the gradebook. Now listen here… the gradebook has the potential to ruin your life, your students’ lives, your dog’s life, your momma’s life… the gradebook could be ruining everyone’s life forever and ever… you dig?

But I’m not going to let that happen to you.

I wouldn’t. I couldn’t… I’m not that cold.

I tell you this not in an attempt to give you Moodle related night terrors, but to impress upon you the sheer power of that puppy before you go and try to get triple complicated with aggregations and algorithms and glitter glue and puff paints.
Just don’t.
Don’t do it.

Resist the siren song of gradebook puff paint, and stick to this video.