Moodle Tutorial Videos – Best of YouTube


If you are new to Moodle, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and maybe even a little intimidated as you begin exploring the application.  At first, even the simple things might seem counterintuitive or complex. Fortunately, there are many excellent Moodle™ tutorial videos available on the web to help you get started.

Here is a collection of the excellent (Free) Moodle™  tutorial videos available on YouTube and recommended by the Moonami staff:

Moodle™ in the Classroom:  (Not a tutorial, but if you’re new to Moodle, start here!)

Mary Cooch’s Using Moodle™ Youtube Channel:

Moodle™ HQ Youtube Channel:

Moodle™ 2 Essential Training for Teachers ( 

Mark Dreschler’s Awesome Moodle™ Collection

My Learning Space Moodle™ 2.0 Playlist:

Netspot’s Youtube Channel:   2.3 and 2.4 overviews are excellent!

Did I miss something?   Is there a video we should add to the list?   Let us know, we would love to add it.

Also,  we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fantastic “Moodle™ 2 for Teachers” video training course at    The tutorial series is complete and covers Moodle™ from every angle.   Just remember, that if you intend to use Moodle™ on Moonami’s platform,  you can skip the installation videos.