Moonami’s Attendance at this Year’s Mountain Moot Conference 2018

July 18th through the 20th, our Moonami team will be heading back to Helena, Montana for the Mountain Moot Conference located in the Corette Library on the charming campus of Carroll College. We will be handing out prizes, our popular Hangover Kits included.

Wednesday the 18th @ 6:00-9:30 pm: Please accompany us for a social event, hosted by yours truly, at Brewhouse Pub and Grill. There will be drinks and delicious appetizers so don’t miss this opportunity.

 Join Shalimar Anderson, one of your favorite Moonami team members, in her course “Gamification Through Narratives – Choose Your Own Adventure Lessons”. In this session you will be looking at a Moodle Lesson serving as a Choose Your Own Adventure styled activity; exploring learner engagement with one of Moodle’s most robust activity modules.  


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