Moodle Educator Certification Program

MEC badgeMoonami’s (now Moodle US) Moodle Educator Certification Program provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to help educators demonstrate their understanding of  Moodle. The MEC offers this curriculum hosted on Moodle Workplace

The MEC program exceeded my expectations. Although I had extensive experience in digital education and working with a variety of elearning systems including Moodle, I learned a lot of new things. My mentor, Dr. Daniel Starr, did a fantastic job. His feedback has helped me significantly in expanding my knowledge of the Moodle system and digital education in general. In the end, they helped me further with administrative issues related to accounting and payment of certification costs. I would definitely recommend Moonami to everyone as a great Moodle partner. 

Zoran Jančić,, ACE, MEC Algebra group

Completely re-designed by Moodle HQ to certify mastery in understanding effective teaching and learning using Moodle. The MEC extends the foundational skills received via Moonami’s (now Moodle US) onboarding training. Designed for higher ed faculty, K-12 teachers, and corporate instructors, using leading research on digital competency standards to provide you with knowledge and skills to impact your practice.

The MEC Process:

● Develop your skills with 6 modules focused on education-related digital competencies.
● One certification: Comprehensive (all 6 modules).
● Get feedback from our Moodle US Facilitator to assist you in completing your learning activities.
● Earn a badge each time you complete a module then earn a Certificate for completing all 6.

Full Certification Path:

6 practical and interactive courses that tightly match the six competency categories in DigCompEdu.

You complete the lesson, a Quiz and Written Assignment to reflect on your understanding of the lesson. We offer a “live” Zoom session to provide an orientation for each participant if desired, again halfway through and wrap up with a final session. These sessions allow participants to fully understand the program and ask questions. These are self-paced modules guided by a facilitator, but we encourage collaboration and communication via the forums in each module. The Certificate will be awarded once all 6 MEC modules have been completed.

6 Modules

Essential information:

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Moonami’s Facilitators


Dr starr
Dr. Daniel Starr

Dr. Daniel Starr  joined the Moodle US Team in May of 2020 and has several roles. He is facilitating the MEC program and also heads up the service we offer clients with course design evaluation. Dr. Starr is a recently retired Superintendent of Schools in NYS. He also has taught in graduate doctoral programs at The Sage Colleges and SUNY Plattsburgh. He was an early adopter of using Moodle in these programs for aspiring school administrators. With over 40 years experience in education and evaluating teachers we are thrilled to have him on the Moonami team and working with our MEC participants. Dr. Starr cares deeply about mentoring educators to be the best they can be and will do whatever he can to help you succeed in this program. In his spare time he enjoys golfing, fishing, listening to jazz and classic rock and traveling to warm destinations in the winter.


Kelly Dempsey
Kelly Dempsey

Kelly Dempsey is the Moodle US Account Manager. She came to us in 2019 from Colgate University and is thrilled to be a member of the Moodle US team after a 20 year career in higher-ed as an instructional designer, LMS admin and K-12 teacher. After obtaining an M.Ed. from Columbia University she received a degree in instructional design from UW Madison sparking her interest in creating engaging eLearning experiences. To launch the MEC program, Kelly earned the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) and is a Certified Facilitator.

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