Moodle Workplace – YES!

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Here’s what to expect!


Moonami has been working with Moodle HQ over the past several months contributing ideas and collaborating on feature suggestions for the highly anticipated release of Moodle for Workplace.  A new instance of Moodle designed specifically for the corporate learning space.

This product, which represents the best of Moodle will be available exclusively through Premium Moodle Partners that will be able to host Moodle Workplace on their own   infrastructure. Other Moodle Partners will be  able to Moodle Workplace in March 2019 and other Moodle Partners later in the year.

MWP will address key corporate LMS feature requirements such as:

  • Certification programs
  • Multi-tenancy architecture
  • Automated user enrollments
  • Modern UI with customizable interface
  • Customizable Reports
  • Corporate Hierarchies
  • HR System integration
  • Customizable Mobile App for anywhere/anytime learning

Upgrading from Moodle to MWP will be easy via import/export from your existing Moodle site and something Moonami will assist with.

As this is a brand new release, please contact for more information and overview.