Webinar: Moonami & Intelliboard partner for Moodle Analytics

Indianapolis, IN—August 7, 2019. Please join us on Wednesday, September 11th at 2:30PM ET for a joint session on IntelliBoard, the premier comprehensive reporting and analytics tool for your Moodle LMS. With IntelliBoard, your organization can easily provide the right data > at the right time > to the right people — giving your organization the ability to make the best decisions based on your data.
In this session we will cover:
  • CEND by IntelliBoard (Conditional Event Notification Dashboard): triggering notifications based upon established criteria
  • PERMIT by IntelliBoard: Focus key data points on learners, courses or cohorts, choose specific analytics and reports, configure personalized dashboards for various data recipients throughout your institution based upon their responsibility and job title.
  • IntelliCart – your Moodle based shopping cart with an unparalleled feature set & reporting and analytics from your shopping cart.Features Include:
  • Configurable Dashboards; Organizational Role and Sub-Account features allow you the flexibility to configure multiple roles and permissions to fit every important role: Managers, Department Chairs, Employers, Parents, etc.
  • More than 150+ reports and analytics to slice and dice your data the way you need to see it.
  • Real-time Monitors & Personalized Insights
  • Attractive & refined graphs and charts


DATE: Wednesday Sept. 11
TIME: 2:30 ET
TOPIC: Introducing Intelliboard for Moodle – Analytics

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John DeFonzo
Director of Client Relations
Moonami Learning Solutions

Tanya Riney, PhD.