New Client Form

A form for clients to offer an overview of their background and goals for their Moodle implementation.
  • Introduce Your School/Organization

  • Name
  • Your name, location, bit of history and your usage of an LMS.
  • How are you currently managing your LMS? * Required
  • If you are part of a Consortium we need to coordinate your Moodle implementation with please let us know which one?
  • Do you use SSO? If so what? * Required
  • Do you use a SIS or HRIS system? If so what? * Required
  • If you use a custom SIS or HRIS system please inform us and describe it.
  • Major Goals for your Moodle Site

  • What features do you want? * Required
  • Moonami Support Needed

  • What types of support will you need from us? * Required