Fact: The challenge of gatekeeping advanced learning content has plagued Moodle Administrators for over one hundred thousand years. 😉 The question has always been – How can we ensure prerequisites are met, while not investing dozens of hours reviewing transcripts prior to finalizing enrollments in higher-level courses? Sure, many schools integrate with SIS systems which automate these checks, but many smaller and mid-sized institutions rely on Moodle tricks and hacks, and in some cases, just old fashioned elbow grease! 

It’s true – administrators have struggled to enact effective prerequisite models in Moodle for ages! Until now, the closest tool we’ve had was something more similar to corequisites… which we all know misses the mark just a little bit. But despair no more, because a new plugin has recently been making huge waves with Moonami clients! It’s called the “Course Completed Enrolment” plugin and its here to make your prereq dreams come to life.

im so freaking excited

With this plugin, it is possible to create a chain of courses. Imagine it – when a student completes one course, they will automatically be enrolled into a following course, and when they complete the second course, they will automatically be enrolled into a third, etc. You can use this tool to create an entire self-paced (asynchronous) curriculum. Mmmmm, That smells like victory!

OK now take it a step further – using your “upload users” csv to designate a cohort for students… then, syncing the cohort with the first course in a series – why, It’s basically a Moodle Enrollments Ronco Rotisserie Cooker for administrators! Set it and forget it!


Although this plugin works with Moodle versions 3.2 and up, the creators very recently created an updated version, which only operates with version 3.4 & 3.5, so be sure to get your Moodle updated to the latest version, if you haven’t already!
Ready to upgrade? Go to help.moonami.com and log a ticket – we’d love to get started on that for you!