eLearning Solutions used by the World's Leading Brands

Over 7 million users worldwide including some of the world’s leading brands use Totara or Moodle for their enterprise eLearning programs. Totara and Moodle are easy-to-use learning platforms that can be deployed across a broad range of learning environments.


Train employees on a variety of HR policies for compliance purposes, track job progression and build skill-based learning programs.

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Whether you have 500 students or 10 thousand, our scalable and secure Amazon AWS cloud-based solution allows you to run Moodle™ more efficiently, affordably, and with less risk than running Moodle in a self-hosted environment.

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With support for over 100 languages, we can deploy an LMS to deliver training to civilian and military personnel securely on any device. Moonami is a GovCloud compliant.

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