Totara platinum

Totara & Moodle are open-source LMS’s that contain all of the functionality that proprietary LMS’s have. But at a fraction of the cost, and with more flexibility.

Moonami allows institutions to get up and running in the cloud with open-source Totara or Moodle LMS systems in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of optional closed-walled proprietary LMS’s. Totara and Moodle provide all of the features one would expect from alternative closed-walled corporate LMS’s such as:

  • Gamification tools
  • Social learning
  • Badges /Certification
  • Analytics
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile Learningtotara learn logo
  • Learning plans
  • Team Management
  • Multi-tenancy
  • 360 performance review
  • Competency / Skills frameworks
  • Drag & Drop SCORM
  • Flexible Course Design
  • Customizable Branding
  • Badges
  • Corporate Hierarchies

Moonami offers a full range of services including HRIS/CRM/ Salesforce integration, site theming, Totara / Moodle onboarding training, powerful analytics, content authoring, LMS training, and eCommerce/shopping cart features. Totara and Moodle fully-responsive for anywhere anytime access to learning.

Over 7 million users worldwide including some of the world’s leading brands use Totara or Moodle for their enterprise eLearning programs. Totara and Moodle are easy-to-use learning platforms that can be deployed across a broTotara imagead range of learning environments.

The great folks over at Totara have put together a nice comparison table (click image to the right) which compares functionality differences in Moodle & Totara

Here are a few examples of how Moonami’s clients use Totara or Moodle:

  • Corporate – Train employees on a variety of HR policies for compliance purposes, track job progression and build skill-based learning programs. From sales onboarding courses that include competitive leaderboards (gamification)  to training your external customers/partners; Totara is flexible to meet all of your corporate learning initiatives.
  • Government – Totara or Moodle can be used for a variety of government online training programs. Totara & Moodle support over 100 languages and can be easily deployed to deliver training to civilian and military personnel securely on any device. Moonami is a GovCloud and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliant through Amazon East cloud infrastructure.
  • Health Organizations – Totara can be used to quickly create certification/re-certification programs, compliance training, and collaboration spaces.
  • Public sector – Awareness programs, internal certification training.
  • Association and Non-profit – Totara or Moodle sites can be launched in minutes to create learning hubs for volunteers, knowledge sharing sites, and community forums

As a Totara Platinum Partner, Moonami provisions its clients on Amazon AWS high-performance, multi-tier fault tolerant, auto-scaling cloud hosting architecture. Each site is deployed with its own partitioned data directory and privately credentialed database. All sites are served on Moonami’s high-availability web host infrastructure, completely managed and monitored by Moonami’s Cloud Support Engineers 24x7x365 with Full system snapshots every hour, 24/7/365.

With Moonami there are:

  • No pricing gimmicks or confusing pricing plans
  • No contract lock-in
  • No proprietary software or tools that create the risk vendor dependency
  • No hidden charges, and no hassle
  • Massive amounts of storagesalesforce webex integration - Google Search 2017-09-07 00-29-00
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited courses
  • Flexible corporate pricing models to cover unpredictable usage

Common integration services include:

  • Single Sign-On Google, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Integrations
    • Workday, PeopleSoft, ADP, other
    • Salesforce, WordPress, GoogleDrive, eCommerce
    • Adobe, Webex, GoToMeeting, BigBlueButton, zoom
  • Custom Theming

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Key Benefits

An engaging learning portal
Totara provides an engaging portal from which learners can access instructor led training, self-paced e-learning and virtual classroom sessions. With Totara you can load content that you create such as e-learning, SCORM packages, PDFs, videos and question banks quickly and easily.

Manages compliance and assessment
Totara provides sophisticated assessment and reporting to ensure and track compliance in your organisation.

Supports social learning
Totara provides a range of tools such as chat, wikis and forums to support informal and social learning, allowing your employees to collaboratively build a body of knowledge that future generations of workers will benefit from.

No per-user license fees
Totara is a custom distribution of the open source Moodle LMS, the world’s most popular learning platform, bringing the benefits of open source to corporate learning. This means no per-user licence fees and complete access to source code allowing you to tailor the LMS to your exact requirements.

Key Features

  • Competency structure to which you can link roles, learning resources and courses.
  • Organisation and position frameworks allowing allocation of position/organisation specific competencies , learning and filtered reporting.Individual learning plans track on-the-job training, guide development and assess progress toward career goals and company objectives.
  • Face-to-face training management and self-service booking.
  • Sophisticated reporting – personalised Management Reporting Dashboardand Custom Report Builder.
  • Enhanced theme branding to ensure you can fully reflect your own brand.