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No matter how your organization uses an LMS (Learning Management System), one thing’s for certain – the name of the game is engaging, effective content. A common mistake among new Moodlers (and online educators in general) is to expect the software to generate beautiful, engaging courses right out of the box – with minimal effort. And while it’s true that anyone can create engaging content using Moodle’s basic tools, it can’t be overstated that the best courses come from folks who take the time to dive a little deeper and get to know the environment.  Moodle is a sophisticated and robust tool that enables educators to cultivate exquisitely effective, visually appealing, and cognitively compelling courses.

Welcome to the Moonami Academy

At Moonami, we’re not only committed to your success, but also to the success of your students, which is why we’ve created the Moonami Academy. We believe that the best way to learn how to use Moodle, is by completing training within the Moodle environment. The Moonami Academy showcases cutting-edge instructional design techniques while utilizing Moodle’s native tools for an online learning experience that inspires.

Whether you’re an instructor, a techie, or a superuser, the Moonami Academy will help you get that garden started.

Course Offerings

Moodle 101

This is an introductory course. Designed for newcomers to the Moodle LMS. Students will learn basic navigation, course editing tools, how to add a forum, and how to add a file. This course includes an hour-long webinar with a Moonami Ninja.

Moodle 201

Resources, Activities, and the power of choice. This course is designed to showcase Moodle’s native tools. We’ll cover how to add them to your course, and creative ways to use them. This course includes an hour-long webinar with a Moonami Ninja (on a topic determined by the students).

Instructional Design Basics

This course compares eLearning to the traditional classroom. We will take a closer look at the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), and how to engage those pesky Digital Natives.

Moodle for Superusers

Superusers are a special breed. Not only do they need a solid understanding of how educators use Moodle, but they also need to understand Site Administration. This course covers Moodle administration basics, from adding courses and users, to defining site policies. This course includes an hour-long webinar presentation.


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