Choosing The Moodle Theme That’s Right For You

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Moodle offers a wide range of intriguing themes to choose from when it comes to creating a Moodle site that’s right for your purposes. Not only should the theme you choose be vibrant and inviting to its users but, it is also important that it fits the needs of whatever specified purposes you’re business/institution is trying to fulfill.

We at Moonami realize that, with the expansive amount of Moodle themes there actually are out there, it can get a little overwhelming trying to sift through, and pick out, the perfect theme for your purposes. That’s why we’re here to help, by narrowing it down to some of the most popular Moodle themes within all purpose domains (educational institutions, businesses, government, you name it!).

Listed below we have provided for you 6 amazing themes which have come highly recommended by users just like you!:

1.Lambda (paid)

Most Useful For: both institutional and corporate purposes


The “Lambda” theme is probably one of the most recommended themes by Moodle users, both institutional and corporate alike. While commercial clients enjoy its portal-like front-end with marketing capabilities, educational institutions relish in its user-friendly customizable layout. The theme also offers custom CSS and wide & boxed layout options. Customers also rave about the customer support received with this theme, so it’s a winner for sure.

Compatible with: Moodle 2.5-3.5.

Purchase the “Lambda” Theme Now From Themeforest

2. BoostCampus (free)

Most Useful For: institutional purposes


Moodle’s “BoostCampus” theme is an extension of Moodle/s core “Campus” Theme, intentionally designed to meet the needs of university campuses. It is beloved by many of its users for its customizability but also offers many more incredibly useful updates such as additional layout settings for image areas, the inclusion of a “course edit button” and the option to have up to 10 different backgrounds for the login page.

Compatible with: Moodle 3.2 -3.5+

Install or Download the “Boost Campus” Theme Now From the Moodle Directory.

3. Brite (paid)

Most Useful For: corporate purposes


The “Brite” theme is one of Moodle’s most popular responsive themes. The theme is revered for its sleek design and customizable marketing homepage. It’s slideshow is amazing for marketing purposes and includes unique login and a course listing pages as well.

Compatible with: Moodle version 2.8-3.4

Purchase the Brite Theme Now

4. Academi (free)

Most Useful For: institutional (higher education) purposes


Moodle’s “Academi” theme is a fan favorite due to its ease of use across multiple applications and devices. Not only that, but it provides for its users page widgets, slider images, and customizable menus and multi-lingual support.

Compatible with: Moodle versions 2.6-3.5+

Download the Academi Theme Now From The Moodle DIrectory
5. Cognitio (paid)

Most Useful for: institutional purposes


The “Cognitio” theme comes with a fully customizable design and offers an A-Z course index, course formats, unlimited colors,  support for RTL and other languages. The theme even offers a code generator option.

Compatible with: Moodle versions 2.7-3.5+

Purchase the “Cognitio” Theme Now From Themeforest

6. Edwiser RemUI (paid) 

Most Useful For: both corporate and institutional purposes

rem ui

Customers adore the Edwiser RemUi theme because it features a sleek calendar, an admin helper bar, graphical stats for quizzes, quick access widgets and more.

Compatible With: Moodle versions 3.0-3.5+

Try the Demo/Purchase the “Edwiser RemUI” Theme Now on the Edwiser Website

None of these themes seem to be working out for you? There are many more to choose from, paid or free, so don’t worry. If you would prefer further and more specified assistance choosing a theme that’s right for your organization, please contact our representative:

John Defonzo

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Now that you’ve figured out what theme you want to go with, it’s time for the really fun part, picking out the plugins. Check out our blog 12 Moodle Plugins To Swear By  for a list of plugins we’re sure you’ll benefit from. 

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Tried any of these Moodle Themes out and want to share your success? 

Have any great suggestions for Moodle Themes?

Please share with us any thoughts/questions/concerns in the comments section below!

Please share with us any thoughts/questions/concerns in the comments section below!