March Madness Round 2

Recap Round 1 Here – Vote Round 2 Below

Alright y’all. Round 1 was brutal. We had 32 match-ups.
While we at Moonami love ALL of Moodle’s features, we can accept that not all features are created equally.
Let us take a minute to remember all the epic duels of round 1…

Round 1 Epic Battles

1. Badges are defeated by Access Restriction (set and forget pt1)

I mean, it makes sense because Access Restriction is The Jam, but also R.I.P. badges tho. Ya know?

2. We had a real Sophie’s Choice on our hands in the battle of [Activity Completion (set and forget pt1)] vs. [The Progress Bar Block], because  as we all know, the Progress Bar block is totally dependent on activity completion tracking, sooooooooo… awkward? IDK. That having been said, not a single person voted Progress Bar, which has me shouting at the computer monitors in … what’s the word?… Disbelief?

No. Disgust. Shouting in disgust.
I mean, why stop at activity completion? Progress bar is the “yes, and…” option, so clearly superior. But whatever, it’s not about me. Moving on…

3.  [Workshop] beats [Groups]. Very unexpected. We support a lot of Moodles, and while I see groups all the time, I rarely come across Workshop. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favs… but this was a surprise.

4. Next up is a real LOL moment, y’all. [“Turn Editing on” and the rush of power it grants you!] failed miserably to [Checking the course logs to see if Little Johnny actually attempted that quiz, as he claims.]
ヽ༼, ͡X ͜ʖ ͡X,༽ノ

I always laugh to myself because no one wants to think of the students that way, but I also can’t count the # of times I’ve uncovered a fib through the logs. Thanks logs… you wonderful angel tattletales.

5. We had a tie. I don’t even know what happens in a tie, but I am really hoping that this bracketing software we’re using figures it out because OMG a tie.
Y’all just couldn’t decide between [The Atto Text Editor] and [Accessibility Features]. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens on that front.


1. OK, I am just really proud of all of you for the following outcome: [All the different contexts where you can assign roles] beat [Moodle docs]. I mean, I LOVE Moodle Docs – LOVE. But role contexts tickle the part of my brain that obsesses over Game of Thrones and other Nerd things … like… it’s soooooo goooood.
I mean, you clearly understand because you voted correctly.

2. Bye Bye [“Browse a list of users”], [“Login As”] will not be fazed by your charms. My prediction – “Login As” is going to a contender for the top slot from the Admin side of things. Pound-for-pound it’s the most effective troubleshooting tool of all time… so sayeth Shalimar.

3. Another solid LOL comes to us in the resounding victory [“Have you tried logging out and logging back in”] took over [“Importing a role”], which never really stood a chance. RIP lil buddy.