Mary Moodles!

Hey all,

My name is Mary. I am brand new to Moonami, and the world of Moodle hosting.  I invite you to watch, learn, mess up, laugh, cry, grow, excel, and master moodle alongside me. I’ll be posting all the gory details at the Moonami blog (here), as I work my way towards Moodle Magician.

So come with me on a learning journey!

A little about me – I’m a graduate of Humboldt State University, and was using Moodle all throughout my years there at the student level. As an art major, I want to focus on making Moodle an aesthetically engaging experience for everyone!

Have ideas or questions? You can reach me at Let’s rock Moodle with awesome knowledge-shares!


Here goes,

Mary Moodles


(this was posted by Shalimar, but written by Ms. Mary… she’ll be posting for herself soon)