Moonami + Fortech Solutions = The Perfect LMS Powerhouse

It has been an unforgettable summer. We’ve onboarded some excellent organizations, ramped up our development and training efforts… and even attended a Moot. Perhaps the most exciting event of the summer, though, is the bloom of a particular friendship…

And so it goes that we are ecstatic to announce the partnership of Moonami and Fortech Solutions!

Fortech Solutions is a powerhouse of industry know-how. From managing elearning projects, to providing personal support, Fortech delivers stellar service to clients all over the US. We couldn’t be happier to have them working alongside us for the ensured success of Moonami clients.

Do you have a project that could use some professional finesse? Wondering how Fortech+Moonami can help you? Well, here’s an idea of how we’ve got your back…

Course Design Services

We assist clients in customizing content within Moodle courses, including supplementing and enhancing content with Moodle course activities and tools. We are currently working in gamification of learning projects. We provide consulting services to SMEs (Subject
Matter Experts), to guide them in getting their content into courses effectively.

Documentation & Training

We provide personalized onsite face-to-face and remote implementations, training and support for managers, site administrators, instructors and end users. We also create custom support, training, and professional development materials to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Customizing & Reporting

Fortech helps organizations with full installations, configurations, and customizations of Moodle and can integrate Moodle with registration systems (SIS).  We offer customized reporting on student grades, progress, and activities. We provide expertise in NROC
quiz organization, standards alignments, and question management, using best practices in Moodle.

Project Management Services

Even the best systems cannot help you without a solid implementation plan.

We specialize in; needs analysis, document and process management, communication liaisons between management and tech departments, change management, documentation.

Support Services

From providing full-service support, to helping your organization create it’s own help desk, we can help guide you to support success. Specializing in; internal systems for tracking support and issue incidents, support ticket workflow, help desk implementation, and LMS support implementation.
Additionally, we can help your existing support system more efficient. With over 15 years experience working in and alongside IT consulting companies, we understand how things can be optimized, so you can spend less time on process, and more time working for clients.

Additional Expertise

Fortech Solutions has a substantial amount of technical expertise in deployment of Moodle 2 including converting Moodle 1.9 course structure, question categorization with state standards, quiz creation and customization, analysis of student learning within content, and infrastructure assessments.