Webinar: Reward-Based Gamification for Moodle/Totara with Mootivation Technologies

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DATE: Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

TIME: 11:30 am PT | 2:30 pm EDT | 7:30 pm BST

SUBJECT: Mootivated/Motrain: Reward-Based Gamification Learning Webinar 


Motrain and Mootivated are personalized mobile gamification platforms for Moodle/Totara, provided by Mootivation Technologies, which create a unique system, customizable for each group of learners, that rewards such learners with real items and/or opportunities, The company’s goal is to foster mastery, improve course completion rates, and engage learners in a timely manner.  

Below, you will find a more specified overview of the two platforms.


  • Users earn virtual coins for working through course material. The coins are sent to the respective app.
  • Users can spend their coins in the Store or upgrade their avatar (can be uploaded as their profile pic).
  • List anything in the Store for users to buy.
  • Control the app through the web dashboard.
  • Teachers scan the user’s QR code to remove an item upon redemption.
  • Items can also be redeemed through the dashboard.
  • Items can be available for direct purchase or coveted items can be placed in a raffle draw.
  • Have lots of learners?  No problem. Create sections, each with their own unique Mootivated platform.
  • User Generated Content – have your learners create avatar parts and upload them to the app.

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  • Prevent reward fatigue and indifference as the reward possibilities are endless:  
    • For Institutional: School swag, charity donations, gym passes, first choice in course scheduling, lunch at the cafeteria, registration for a school sport
    • For Corporate: Additional time off, charity donations, yoga sessions, first choice in holiday scheduling, lunch at the local bistro, registration for a conference.
      • whatever engages your users!  Even ask your learners for their input on Store items.
  • Enhance learner engagement, improve the timeliness of learning, and improve course completion rates.
  • Provide users a choice as to how they spend their earned virtual coins.
  • Customize how and why coins are collected for each section through the plugin.  Course completion coin rewards are now available.
  • Award coins to users in the dashboard manually, for any reason whatsoever!
  • The user’s wallet is displayed as a block in Moodle/Totara, showing the coins earned for each session.
  • Tailor the Store items and Avatar build challenges specifically for each section. For example, if your school/company has 1000 students, you could create 10 sections of 100 users, each with their own unique Store and/or Avatar build challenges and unique Store.


Not only did the designers at Mootivation Technlogies want to assist in learning capabilities by creating a rewards based learning atmosphere but, they also wanted to do so in a way that better catered to each specific atmosphere. This is why they chose to create two separate platforms. While the Mootivated platform is catered more towards K-12 and college student learning, the Motrain platform is geared more towards corporate-based training purposes.

Want to learn more about what the Mootivated and Motrain applications have to offer before signing up for our instructive webinar? Check out the Mootivation Technologies website.

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