Webinar: Bongo

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Webinar title: Feel the beat with Bongo video assessment for Moodle or Totara

Date: 3/14/2019

Time: 2:30pm ET

Topic: Introducing Bongo: Video assessment for soft skill development

Soft skills are already a top priority for employers around the world, and thanks to rapid changes in technology and the workforce, the demand for them keeps growing. Soon, soft skills like collaboration, communication, and critical thinking will be core requirements in most industries—including those purely technical in nature.

There’s a glaring need, yet the soft skills gap keeps widening. It’s time to change the tune with Bongo!

What is Bongo? from Bongo on Vimeo.

Bongo’s asynchronous Video Assignments and synchronous Virtual Classroom technology make soft skill development possible at scale—ensuring every learner stays in rhythm with the changing world. This is done through:

  • Experiential learning exercises
  • Personalized coaching and feedback
  • Self-assessment and peer review capabilities

http://pub.lucidpress.com/BongoGuidebook_Moodle/#V5js913pRm3WQ [Bongo Guidebook for Moodle – you can iput the link or embed it into the page with the code below!]

Join us for a deep dive into the Bongo platform and experience scalable soft skill assessment.

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