Webinar: Moonami & Amanote Partner for Moodle interactive note-taking

Indianapolis, IN—April 16, 2019. Amanote is a modern note-taking app that allows students to take clear, structured, and comprehensive notes and to link them with their course materials (slides or syllabuses). In addition to note-taking, Amanote enhances the communication between the students and their teachers. Whether during the lesson or at home, students can notify their teacher if they don’t understand something in the course material. The teacher can then see which parts of his course is the least understood and improve it quickly. And the best part is that everything is integrated with Moodle.

Note-taking – A real problem for students

Most note-taking apps do not allow structured notes to be linked to another document. Amanote has been especially designed to offer a solution that is adapted to the students’ needs and by providing such functionalities, it offers a better alternative for students to get organized. Students can take clear and structured notes within their course materials and it includes all the needed functionalities to structure and organize their notes such as text formatting, enumerations, titles and subtitles, mathematical formulas, drawings, etc. The application is fully functional and is already being used by more than 70,000 higher education students.

In addition, it is better for our planet to support digital notes. 🌱

Learning Analytics – Breaking the ice between students and teachers

When you are a student and you don’t understand something, it is often difficult to have the courage to say it to your teacher. With Amanote, whether during the lesson or at home, students can notify the teacher if they don’t understand something in the course material. They can also give their feedback for each lesson by specifying how appropriate was the teacher’s pace, what is their current understanding of the course, and much more. On his side, the teacher has access to a clear overview of those results.

Amanote - Learning Analytics

Podcast – Add narration to the course material

Another great feature is the possibility for the teacher to add narration to its course material. It can be used to record entire lessons or just to add additional explanations when the students don’t understand something.
Amanote - Podcast


Use case

Flipped classroom

Teachers who use the flipped classroom methodology can add their voice to their course material very easily. When it is done, they can send it to the students so they can listen to the recording before the class and add their notes directly in the app. If they struggle on some part of the lesson, they can simply click on a button to notify the teacher. Thereby, the teacher can see which parts were less understood and better prepare its lesson according to those results.


DATE: Wednesday May 15

TIME: 2:30 ETD

TOPIC: Introducing Amanote for Moodle – note taking

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Moonami and Amanote will conduct their first webinar to showcase how Amanote integrates with Moodle and the benefits that it can bring to your institution.

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