Your Own Branded Moodle App

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 4.11.31 PM80% of adults worldwide own a smartphone, and mobile traffic is increasing. Adoption of mobile devices to easily access the internet has transformed everything – including learning.

Moodle’s mobile app has exploded in popularity. Students and faculty are finding it’s an easy and quick way for them to engage with Moodle content with a tap of a screen. With your institution’s name and branding, the Moodle App becomes a great opportunity to increase brand awareness.

Having a Branded Moodle App also has other benefits:

  1. Avoid student frustration by making your App easy to identify and find under your institution’s name in the app store
  2. Increase student engagement: custom mobile apps achieve more downloads on average than generic applications. An app with your branding and name is an environment your learners know and trust.
  3. Give your students a multi-device learning approach with consistency and continuity, giving your app the same branding and name as your Moodle LMS or eLearning portal.

The Branded Moodle App offers all these advantages for your institution, plus:

  • Streamlined onboarding: your learners simply download your app, log in with their credentials and directly access your Moodle environment.
  • Access to learners’ engagement analytics: see how your learners use your apps and make informed decisions on your app implementation strategy.
  • Advanced notifications & hosting, including a separate hosting space in Moodle’s GDPR compliant push notifications infrastructure for your site in both iOS and Android

Do you want to give your learners a quality mobile learning experience? Contact Moonami to get started with your branded Moodle App today